Hardy Machine is a leader in the machining of precision components required by the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

As electronic and even medical devices have gotten smaller and smaller, the machined components that comprise them shrink as well.  So, machining electronics parts requires a milling machine or CNC machining center specifically designed for the small tools required for the prototyping or production of small electronics parts. At Hardy Machine, the focus of our work for the Electronics Industry is high-speed machining, high-speed milling and high-speed engraving with small tools or microtooling (1/2″ and under).

Hardy Machine is well positioned to meet the specific needs of electronics manufacturers, including the development and production of electronics components. We have mastered high-speed CNC milling and engraving machines required to produce components suited to your needs as an electronics manufacturing company.

We work with the common Electronics Part Manufacturing Materials:

• EMI-proof Aluminum
• G10
• Copper
• Plastics
• Delrin®
• Torlon®

We meet the following Electronics Part Manufacturing CNC Requirements:

• Milling
• Micro Drilling
• Tapping
• Thread Milling
• Routing

Our exceptional milling and engraving capabilities, combined with our focus on flexibility and agility, gives you the opportunity to bring your previously outsourced work back in house and significantly improve both your time-to-market and your bottom line. Hardy Machine is an established company with a strong commitment to the future needs of the Electronic Industry.

To remain competitive in our ability to meet the complex needs of our Electronic Component Manufacturing customers, our facility is equipped with cutting edge technology. From production, inspection, documentation, and training the responsibility to get your work completed to specification is carried to all our employees. We are ISO 9001: 2015 compliant and we go beyond these standards to meet the needs of our Electronics Industry customers.

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