Hardy Machine is a gold standard supplier in the Aerospace Industry.

Our team of experienced machinists, and a modern facility equipped with cutting edge machine technology, yields gold standard aircraft components on every project we undertake.

We provide our clients with high reliability parts such as push-pull controls, cockpit controls, and continuous fitting mounts. We handle the materials that have the strength to weight ratio required to meet the aerospace design specifications.

At Hardy Machine we take a comprehensive approach to aerospace manufacturing by offering our clients balance sheet management, inventory forecasting, and other services. The end result is well-crafted components delivered on time.

We have the machining assets to respond to the current aerospace component machining market. We also have access to the capital resources necessary to meet future requirements and the flexibility to expand our capabilities as needed to meet demand.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 compliant and we go beyond these standards to meet the needs of our Aerospace Industry clients.

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